Enjoying a Corona on the Bay

As a kid I used to loathe Sundays. I would get anxiety about the next school day – what homework I did, or most likely, did not, do over the weekend, what I was going to wear (pre-uniforms), just silly things that would make Sundays anything but pleasurable.

Fast forward to being an adult. I LOVE Sundays. What’s not to love. Lazy, sunny and fun in the summers, football in the fall and winter, long walks or bike rides in the spring. Sundays have become one of my favorite days of the week.

This past Sunday my fiancé and I went to look at a boat he is interested in and found ourselves driving through several peninsulas along the water. We stumbled upon a few dock and dines and just had an exploration of an area of Maryland we don’t usually frequent. It was so fun people-watching and just being on the water.

Maryland is so vivacious and full of excitement in the summer time, especially on the Chesapeake – so many boaters and water activities. One of our favorite things to do is discover new places and we definitely found a few gems.

We also made an awesome decision over a few Corona Lights that afternoon – we will not go another season without a boat. He grew up boating and I am born and raised in MD – frequenting the beach and always being on the water, so it’s naturally something that fits our lifestyle. More to come on that, but we are certainly happy to explore and discover new spots by land… for now.



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