View of the flag ceremony from our seats

I am sure everyone remembers where they were on September 11, 2001. I was leaving mass. It was my first week of high school and we were given prayers to say at the end of each mass. The final prayer that morning was to pray for those who were affected by the plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. We had all been in mass for over an hour so no one knew what exactly was meant by that. When the service was over everyone filed out of the gymnasium and walked into the hallways where TVs were on. We could see lots of smoke barreling out of the World Trade Center. Confused, we all shuffled to our next class and that’s when the second plane hit and then we knew this was something far worse than we imagined.

It was a long day from there but living so close to DC, our school did not take any risks. Our parents were all instructed to come and pick up their kids and we went home. I remember sitting on my back deck that afternoon looking up at the eerily quiet sky, a beautiful blue sky. It was a gorgeous day that September 11, I will always recall.

I continued watching news coverage all the day and night with my parents asking lots of questions they did not know the answers to. It was a new world and you could feel it. All of the devastations, lives lost, those jumping out of the buildings, those heroes on Flight 93 , everything was a lot to take in and images you never forget.

I always hear my parents speak of where they were when John F Kennedy was assassinated and now I know what they were referring to.

15 years later and it is still so clear as day. It is a long road and never-ending battle to fight terrorism. How do you argue with someone that wants to kill you because you are Christian? Live in the Western world? Have different ideals than they do? You don’t, and that is why the new form of war has become this.

I fly all of the time for personal trips and work, and I still get a tiny sting inside me when I think of this day and the disgusting radicals who want to kill innocent people.

Yesterday, watching all of the coverage and the ceremony on the news, it feels like yesterday as I am sure it does to those who lost loved ones that day.

I also went to the Baltimore Raven’s opening game yesterday where they had a lovely service preceding the game. After the Star Spangled Banner, the stadium honored service men and women who were heroes in some way on September 11, 2001ย  as well as other American heroes who serve and protect us every day: policemen, firefighters, Air Force, Army, Navy, and more. They protect us every day, whether we are aware or not so that we can live our lives and in this great country. It gives me chills every time the Star Spangled Banner is played and the planes fly overhead. I feel the strength. I feel united with my fellow Americans.

I truly always say a prayer and thank the troops for keeping us safe. Every single day.

Land of the free because of the brave!




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