I’m Back!

Wow it’s been awhile! SO sorry. I will get better.

Lot’s of things have happened since Halloween, including  good friends’ wedding, a quick NYC trip, Christmas, New Year’s and one not so fun thing – getting my wisdom teeth out.

The golf course at Trump National in DC for our friends’ wedding. You can see them way back there ❤
Had to take a peek at the new Oculus terminal / shopping mecca
Drinks from the top of the World Trade Center

I had a quick NYC trip for work, which I mixed with play. My fiancé came up for an engagement party we had at the end of the week and we managed to sneak in an amazing night with drinks at the top of the World Trade Center and dinner at one of my favorite restaurants One if by Land, Two if by Sea in the Village, which is so old-school and absolutely spectacular!

I just have to say that the view of the Memorials from the new building is so surreal. You sort of just look out and have to take in a moment of silence.

View from the beach on Kent Island

Following Christmas, I had my wisdom teeth out. One, I know I am super old to have to get my wisdom teeth out, but was only told recently that they had to come out. Two, obviously I planned the surgery in accordance with Christmas and to be able to eat everything and all that I wanted!

By Saturday, following my Tuesday surgery, I was itching to get out of the house so my mom and sister picked me up and we had a nice outdoor afternoon looking for sea glass and lunching on Kent Island. Side note: my mom loves to shell hunt (in Florida) and hunt for sea glass in Maryland. This particular beach is know for having lots of sea glass. It was just nice to get out in nature, hear the water and be in the sun. There is something just so true about the water healing everything – I believe it!


Taking in much needed fresh air. This is the BEST and warmest Jacket // Alpaca Headband (can’t find the exact link, but this is where I got it) // Boots
View from Hemmingway’s, one of our favorite lunch spots
The inside decor is so cute

Because I was recovering from the wisdom teeth removal, we didn’t do much for New Year’s this year. To make it more fun my fiancé told me to dress up, even though we were staying in, set the table and decorated the house. It was so cute and such a nice surprise to uplift me from being a little bummed about not doing something for New Year’s. To be honest, I am not the most NYE-loving gal. In fact, I don’t really like it. I prefer to go to a nice dinner or have a quiet and low key night in with friends. Since I was unable to consume anything besides basically soup, he made a delicious pasta dish. We listened to music, had wine and watched the fireworks on our roof. It was perfect.


Dressed up, no place to go
Dressed up for dinner in
Fireworks from our roof deck

I will get back on track with posting. Sorry for the hiatus. I have basically doing a whole lot of the below, which has been lovely!

I do not want to take the tree down!

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