HBD, America

Fagers Sunset 1
Gorgeous un-filtered sunset at Fager’s Island

Last week I stayed at my friend’s house in Dewey Beach, Delaware. It was great weather and so nice to spend time together. On Saturday, Haley joined me and we went to Ocean City for the weekend to celebrate the 4th of July and relax. We hung out on the beach (it was H O T) and ate dinners at our favorite spots. I love the Patriotism that exudes throughout the 4th of July every year, and wish it was that way all year long. The sunsets were beautiful at the beach and the sky was lit a gorgeous red color every night. The water was warm (I even got in), and we just had a nice, relaxing weekend celebrating my favorite holiday.

Fagers 4th
Blouse (similar here) // Chloé Mini drew bag // Jeans // Shoes (similar here)
Fagers Sunset 2
Another filter-less sunset photo at Fager’s, so beautiful
Sunset Grille 1
View of Sunset Grille from Sunset Marina
Sunset Grille Outfit
Missing my Blue // Gingham Blouse (other colors here)// Shorts // Sandals // Bag
Sunset Marina
Sunset Marina

Sunset Grille 2

Followed a cycling Vet on my morning run. I was so inspired by him and everyone waving to him as he went by ❤
White House RWB
Love this image of the White House lit up red, white and blue
This canvas is in my house hanging above the stairs. I look at it every morning before I go downstairs to start my day. I love it.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July and gave thanks to this great country and that we are so blessed to live HERE.

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