View from our hotel room at the Myconian Ambassador

We just got back from… GREECE! It was absolutely amazing and more than I could have hoped for. We went to celebrate my 30th birthday! I could share a million pictures, but I will try to condense (which is very hard to do!) so I apologize in advance for this being a long one. Believe it or not, this is about 1/8 of the photos I have.

We arrived on Friday morning in Athens and took a quick trip over to see the Ancient Greek Parthenon. It was spectacular and so surreal to think that humans built this in 447 B.C. without any machinery or modern technology. It is huge and these photos do not do it justice. So incredible.

Afterward we had lunch at a cute little restaurant called DionysosZonars at the foothill of the Acropolis with amazing views.


Following lunch, we headed back to the Athens airport and boarded our flight to Mykonos! We stayed at the Mykonian Ambassador Hotel, which is part of the Relais and Chateaux hotel group. It was such a beautiful property with amazing views and near the town. I have to give a shoutout to the staff there, who were absolutely amazing. They were so accommodating, helped us with all of our reservations, car services to dinners, Jeep rental, advice on where to go and what to do… They just went above and beyond (shoutout to Thomas the bartender, who was the most fantastic ever!) I highly recommend staying here if you are in Mykonos. Plus, they are a part of the Mykonian Collection, so you can go to other properties under the group. We went to one of their other properties on the island called the Mykonian Imperial, which is part of the Leading Hotels of the World group. It was a totally different vibe from the Ambassador, but equally as stunning.

We landed in the evening, so we did a little hotel and beach exploring, then got ready for dinner at Hippie Fish, which was great! We had the best fresh fish and you are right on the sea.

Outfit for dinner // Tank // Jeans (mine are Zara, but similar here) // Shoes
Stairs in our hotel lobby
View of our hotel from the pool
Pool view over the beach
Hippie Fish had the biggest bottle of Whispering Angel I have ever seen. My favorite

The next day we rented a Jeep and drove around the island exploring. The island is pretty vast and there are pockets of awesome places to see. We went to the Mykonian Imperial for a couple of hours of laying out by their incredible pool, and then went to lunch at JackieO’ in Super Paradise Beach, which was one of my favorite places! It was a beach bar right on the sea, but also a luxurious, gorgeous restaurant with the most amazing views. We had a wonderful lunch taking in the sights. I highly recommend renting a Jeep if you plan on renting anything. The roads are s c a r y and very rocky. I don’t think we would have been able to get everywhere without it.

View from the pool at the Mykonian Imperial Hotel
Hot tub on the sea
Jeep riding
Jackie O’ Restaurant

That night we went into town for dinner. We started with drinks at this adorable bar on the water in Little Venice called Caprice. It had indoor and outdoor areas with a DJ and views of the Aegean Sea. You are literally right on the water and the waves are splashing on the deck. So cool! Afterwards we went to Interni for dinner, which was beautiful. The entrance is a little unassuming door in the middle of town, but you walk in and downstairs into this gorgeous courtyard-like setting, which has beautiful foliage and is outdoors. The food was amazing. Afterwards we went to Paso Robles, a small party bar in town with an awesome DJ. It was so fun being out in a totally different culture and setting, but seeing everyone dancing and having fun just the same. I loved it!

Dinner outfit // Blouse (old but similar here) // Jeans // Shoes
The outdoor patio at Caprice

The next day we decided to explore the town since we only had a preview the night before. We walked around and shopped before heading to the famous Kiki’s Tavern at Agios Sostis Beach for lunch. It is on the opposite side of the island, completely isolated, but sits on a cliff with amazing views. They have the most incredible octopus and calamari and the restaurant is family-owned. We went at the tail end of peak season and still had to wait in line!

Walking around the town // Top // Shorts // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Bag
Kiki’s Tavern
The octopus
Gorgeous church in downtown Mykonos. All of the churches are beautiful and there is truly one every 10 feet
The windmills overlooking Little Venice
Little Venice
Post shopping walk into our room. Aren’t the outdoor hallways gorge?
Shopping outfit. Lived in these sneakers

We then went back to our beach and hung out for the rest of the day. This night we went for drinks at Scorpios, an incredible beach bar that is high up on a cliff. It is huge and has views of the island. It is definitely a party scene, with famous DJs spinning, lots of bars, but it also has a dining area as well. It was very cool and we were told a must-see. Afterwards we went to dinner at Nikolas Taverna. This adorable restaurant was truly authentic Greek food and family-owned. The grandson served us our dinner while his father and grandmother were cooking in the kitchen. We loved it! Definitely a hidden gem recommended by our awesome hotel staff.

The water was so clear
View of the water from our beach
Cover up (mine is from Forever21, but similar here)



Dinner outfit // Shorts // Shoes (similar here)

The next day we took a ferry to Santorini for the day and night. We arrived and hopped on a Catamaran sunset cruise around the island where we saw the Volcano and red and white beaches. We cruised around, had delicious authentic Greek food, drinks and met new friends on the boat. We also snorkeled in the Mediterranean and swam in the hot springs, which were definitely highlights of the trip.

Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera, the water surrounding the island. We learned so much!

It is the most beautiful island I have ever seen. Oia, where we stayed, has the most picturesque and iconic views.

Walking to our hotel
Churches everywhere on the side of the cliff
The view from our hotel room
Pool view over looking the Aegean Sea
Our pool
Hal and I swimming in the hot springs
Solid and Striped Bathing suit // Shorts // Dior Sunglasses
Amoudi Bay


Sunset from the catamaran

When we got back we took in our hotel views, which were the most gorgeous I have ever seen in all of my travels. We stayed at the Kima Villa Suites. We had our own private hot tub off of our room, so hopped in to warm up and then get ready for dinner.

Our outdoor tub
Our pool
Our hotel rooms were built into caves
Night time view from our room

We had dinner this evening at the most gorgeous restaurant called Petra located at the Canavas Oia Resort, which was stunning. We walked around the town after, which is very quiet at night. Very opposite of Mykonos, but a nice change of pace. The following morning we walked around the town and shopped a little before hopping back on a ferry to return us to Mykonos. Not before Haley insisting we have gyros for breakfast by the port (they were delicious for the record!)

Dress (similar here) // Sandals (old but similar here)
Dinner table view
Walking back to the room through the town
Famous church domes
Love this top

Our last full day in Mykonos we just hung at our beach all day and swam. It was so beautiful. We had lunch at one of the beach bars called Anios which is right on the sand. It was delicious and the ambiance was fantastic. This evening we went into the town one more time to eat at M-Eating Restaurant, one of the newest, best restaurants in town. It was farm-to-table, which was fantastic and very different than our farm-to-table here.

View from our beach
Pool above our table at Anios


Love this picture of Haley in his American Flag trunks. Last pool happy hour

We walked around a little more soaking in our last hours in Mykonos! We woke up and were on our way back to the States!

Dinner outfit // Top (old) // Shorts // Shoes
LOVED the blue turquoise paint everywhere


Coral romper

We truly had the best time. The people are so friendly, fantastic, fun and full of life. It was our favorite vacation to date! Cannot wait to go back ❤



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