NYC Weekend

yankee stadium field
Our Seats

Last weekend I was in New York for the Orioles vs. Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. I have never been there, so it was a really cool experience. Before the game, we went to Billy’s for some drinks and lunch, and ended up there after the game for a bit. It was a really fun, energetic bar! Even though the Orioles lost, we still had a fun day.

Later that evening, we went had dinner in Little Italy at Umberto’s Clam House, which was delicious, and then out in the East Village for a friend’s birthday celebration.

Sunday, H and I walked around a bit, got some delicious NY bagels and had afternoon tea at The Plaza, which I have always wanted to do. The experience of afternoon tea in their Pam Court room is so special and beautiful. It was a really fun, NYC weekend!

Yankee stadium 1us at Yankee stadium

The Plaza entrance
Plaza Palm Court 2
The Palm Court

Palm Court MenuThe Plaza Palm Court 1

Our delicious crumpet traysย 

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